UK real estate for Investors

Welcome to / / Our company selects high yielding real-estate investment projects for non-UK investors. We help our customers choosing the right project for their investment preferences, help them with the paperwork and set up all necessary contracts for an easy, hassle free management of the assets.

As we invest ourselves in many of our projects, we have gone through the process many times and we know exactly what the issues are for non-residents.

We are based near Brussels in Belgium. We serve of course Belgian customers, but have a fast growing network of international investors in Netherlands, France, Germany and China.

Why UK?

WIthin Europe, the UK is undoubtedly the most interesting destination for entry-level real estate investments:

  • Our projects offer a minimum annual yield of 6% for residential and 8% on commercial investments. Plus of course a capital gains at exit. This is more then double the yields that can be achieved in the Euro-zone
  • The UK market has become quite sophisticated in “buy-to-let” with many projects aiming at foreign investors. In every single project, there is a managment company involved to lease or find tenants for your assets. No need to travel to UK to find a tenant or to replace a light bulb.
  • Many projects have fixed, assured returns and an agreed exit, which makes them ideal for foreign investors with little time to manage individual assets and a need for fixed returns.
  • There is no need to travel to the UK. All can be done at your own location
  • For foreign investors, taxes are very favourable with a 0% tax rate up to 11.000£ of rental income. Also stamp duty and other taxes are much lower then anywhere else in Europe.

As London has been a magnet for foreign investors, yields on London projects are at present much lower (2-3%). As a consequence, London is chosen by investors hoping for a higher appreciation.

What kind of projects?

We work with both residential projects (apartments and flats) and commercial projects

Residential projects

  • Newly built or renovated apartments in central UK cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, etc.
  • Expected annual net yields of 6% or more
  • Expecting appreciation of 3-10%, depending on city
  • Including management contracts for hassle free management

Commercial projects

  • Parking spaces: from UK£25.000 with assured returns of 8-12%
  • Hotel rooms: from UK£60.000 with assured returns of 8%-10% and agreed exits after 5-10 years.
  • Care home flats: from UK£75.000 with assured returns up to 25 years of 8-10% and agreed exits
  • Holiday houses: from UK£60.000 with assured returns of 8% and higher
  • Student housing: from UK£60.000 with assured returns of 7% and higher

At your service

As we are foreign investors ourselves, we focus on the needs of non-UK resident buyers. We help you

  • Choose the project that fits your investment needs and investment horizon
  • Help you with the paperwork and legal contracts
  • Train you for the annual tax declaration (which allows you a 0%-rate)
  • Help you sell your projets to other investors when it is time to exit

Want to know more?

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